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Wind attacked us again this morning but we are almost immune to it now. We just batten down the hatches and stride on. The surface however has turned in our favour, all traces of sastrugi have gone, we now cruise over a flat icescape mottled by alternating fans of drift snow and dimpled hummocks. None require a deviation in course, only to gain a slight advantage on firmer ground.

We reached our high point on Titan Dome a couple of days ago and have been gently descending to the South Pole. Not a descent one can see or feel, less than 20 metres per day. In a week or so we will see the station appear on the horizon.

We?re no longer following Jade?s regime of 20km per day for the final 8 days, the distance being too taxing on the team. 18 per day seems manageable and will add just an extra day to our arrival, now Jan 10 all going well. A reshuffle of sled weights this morning helped get us into camp at a more reasonable hour and a tweak tomorrow should maximise the equation of distance over time.

Ah tent life, how we love you.

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  • Nombre: Camp 28
  • Elevación: 2946 m
  • Latitud: 88° 4253Sur
  • Longitud: 137° 491Oeste


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    2018-01-02 10:27:58 Mike Ihlein dijo: Team Jade, congratulations on starting the descent to the Pole! Great achievement and reward with fewer sastrugi! Stay safe, enjoy the better conditions. All the best from Sydney. Mike Ihlein

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