South Pole via Kansas Glacier

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just over the horizon

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Just over the horizon lies the South Pole. A thin whisk of cloud due south had me wondering if it was water vapour rising up from the station but later revealed to be just Perhaps at the end of tomorrow?s haul we may see evidence, if the weather complies.

The weather today was mostly clear with a gentle breeze but I often find those days are the coldest on my fingers. On my hands I wear merino liner mittens followed by thick eVent fleece mittens and shell mitts on the outside. This system allows for my fingers to benefit from skin to skin contact, gives me dexterity if I use the liner mitts alone and provides a warm, windproof and fast-drying solution for extreme cold. Despite this, poor circulation in my extremities, a propensity towards chilblains and a quarter century of expeditions in polar and alpine environments has left my hands susceptible to damage quite quickly. Any trip over 2 weeks and below -20c leaves my fingers blistered and swollen, but never frostbitten. That would be negligent. Paul and Jade are using the same system and their hands are in very good shape. Thanks Satila of Sweden for working with me on this awesome combination.

18km today, 530 done, 57 to go.

1. My compass, set on 75 degrees, the magnetic bearing to the South Pole from where we are.
2. Heath with sunburst
3. Heath, Paul and Jade stride out under a blue sky


  • Nombre: Cam 33
  • Elevación: 2837 m
  • Latitud: 89° 2915Sur
  • Longitud: 135° 1457Oeste


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    2018-01-07 12:52:13 Kristoffer dijo: Congratulations on your successful expedition. An interesting short route to the Pole.
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    2018-01-07 09:47:40 Mike Ihlein dijo: Team Jade, the Pole only a few days away - amazing achievement and an enormous success! Enjoy the last few days of the epic journey - you should all be very proud! As Keith says, today in Sydney was 47 degrees in some places - and so enjoy your world at present! All the best. Mike
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    2018-01-07 08:34:53 Keith Tuffley dijo: wow only a few days to go .. I'll miss the daily adventure! Well done Eric, another record for the books. Very very hot back in Oz, so enjoy the cold while it lasts.
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    2018-01-07 07:19:59 dijo: Keep your hands (fingers) warm.
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    2018-01-07 07:18:24 dijo: Keep your hands (fingers) warm!
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    2018-01-07 07:16:36 dijo: Hi Eric and team , I am following your adventure as usual. Great to hear you guys. Keep your handschoenen warm. The end is ..57 km. All the best and stay safe travel - from Holland

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