Svalbard Expedition 2018

mar 31

Expedition completed

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A cold morning with a breeze designed to make the packing away of a fiddly bear perimeter welcomed us to our final day.

With our objective in sight we strode single file for an hour across the valley to the road where we were collected by bus and brought into town.

A cafe lunch of salmon and egg wrap with salad and cortado was a pretty special way to finish the trip but it is the company of determined, good-natured and adventurous people that makes an expedition. By our 9th day we were a well-oiled team and it’s always a mark of success when I feel I am made redundant, when a team can continue onward with what they’ve learned and thrive in this challenging landscape.

Thanks to Jonathan, DeNise, Anthony, Ilse, Matt, and in particular Sean for his skilled guiding, affable nature and sharp wit. Happy adventures!



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