DHL Everest Expedition 2011

Apr 04

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We're now in Namche Bazaar after a couple of days of fairly light trekking. Getting to Namche is a famously long hill with a gain of about 600 vertical metres, but we took it gradually nd it on;y took 2 hours including tea stops which is much less than I'd expected.
We've been trekking with Tim Mosedales group who are also overseen part of the Himalayan Guide expedition I'm on, but with Tim as their guide where as I will be with Rob Casserley and Kenton Cool. The group was of 10 others which included some trekking to basecamp, some going up a different valley to climb some other peaks, and also some who are coming to climb Everest. They've gone on today, but James and I are staying here for now. They were a lovely bunch and it's a shame to have left them, as we'll only see the Everest climbers again now.
We're now in Namche for 2 nights, then onto Pangboche for 2 night by which time Henry, the expedition leader will be with us to trek the rest of the way to Everest basecamp with us.
I'm trying to set up a Nepalese phone which hasn't been working for the past few days, but when it does, I'll be posting lots of voice messages for you to listen to!
You can send me free messages using the box on the right, and I also would be very grateful if you'd make a small contribution to Depression Alliance who I am climbing Everest in aid of. See
Thank you.
  • Name: Namche Bazaar
  • Höhe: 3440 m
  • Breitengrad: 27° 490North
  • Längengrad: 86° 430East


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