Sei immer in Kontakt, egal wo Sie sich befinden

ExpeNews is a communication platform that allows climbers, trekkers, sailors, explorers and outdoor enthusiasts to maintain a simple yet interactive website with information showing their progress and location in real-time.

ExpeNews was designed to minimize the cost of the equipment and external support needed to communicate effectively, regardless of where your adventure takes place.

Sie benötigen nur ein Anruf oder eine E-Mail um alle Kontakte zu benachrichtigen

The basic principle of ExpeNews is that it is a simple, fast and inexpensive way to publish information from the field on a dynamic, high-impact web page.

You just need a satellite phone or cell phone with coverage to send voice and text to your ExpeNews page, as well as update your coordinates on an interactive map of the region you are in. With the addition of a laptop computer or PDA, images and video can also be sent to your page.

Verfolgen Sie Ihre Expedition und bleiben Sie in Kontakt

ExpeNews lets you send text and voice messages, coordinates and pictures to record your adventure while you are in the field living it. Every time you send a dispatch, all of your contacts are notified via e-mail.

ExpeNews also allows you to maintain two-way communications. You can share your adventures with family, friends, colleagues and you can also receive any messages that they send back to you via your ExpeNews page.