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Jun 12

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Iceland Expedition;

In the last 4 days we have experienced endless flats, driving rain, glorious sunshine, snow, 100kmph+ winds and even our first sighting of lava. We have traveled almost 70km and climbed well in excess of 1000m (probably double at least). Will has lost most of the skin on his pinkie toes due to blisters but otherwise is absolutely fine.. our spirits are high and all is going well so far.

However due to an excessively cold winter resulting in dramatically increased snow-melt later into the season, and thus colossal rivers which are uncrossable even by jeep. We have decided that discretion is the best part of valor and have retraced to Reykjavik. We will continue to complete our planned trek later in the season having allowed another month to pass and hopefully lower river levels to appear. In the meantime we will continue to hike around the Hornstrandir peninsula and Snaefellsjokull.

We will then return to Thorsmork where we left our crossing and continue to complete the crossing of Iceland hopefully as initially intended.

Our plans have not yet been compromised but simply re-ordered.

Best wishes to all.

Will and Remi
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  • Höhe: 0 m
  • Breitengrad: 64° 627North
  • Längengrad: 21° 4730West


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