Manaslu 2012 Learning to dream

Mai 09

Alaska: Tre-c is here in Alaska enjoying as the snow melts of the peak

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From Ranikhet, India, one of Our first note, I just finish some trainning in the Kumaon area, Himalaya, India. All Our mind set up for the Manaslu expedition in September of 2012


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    2012-05-16 12:44:42 Pedro Binfa says: Gracias por los comentarios y el apoyo
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    2012-05-08 15:21:19 James Craig says: ¡Yupiii Pedro! Ve ganarla. Voy a enviarte buena suerte mientras estoy haciendo el curso de "Rock &River."
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    2012-05-08 13:43:43 Annie says: Estamos felices verte de nuevo.
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    2012-05-08 13:42:48 josé says: Muchas gracias. Que le vaya bien !
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    2012-05-08 13:25:37 Pedro says: Nanda Devi at the back

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