Manaslu 2012 Learning to dream

Aug 28

From Kathmandu

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Today, the second member of the expedition is here (Landon).All ready I met good friend from Brazil and other countries. Small world. It is rainning, perfect to go to a massage and eat momos yami yami!!! But, I gonna miss my bread with cheese and avocado. Something crazy, I met one of the assistent of Dalai Lama... what can I say: this is a privilege... we were talking about Chile and other things...Do you know Chilean goverment don[t gave them Visa permits just because they don[t recognize them as a country??? China, china.... the more time is the winer or not? Saludos, this trip all ready is more then just climb a mountain.. as always, for want to appreciate any step Abrazos, Patty


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    2012-08-28 19:59:11 Denisse says: Hola Patty, mucho éxito en los preparativos!! Qué increíble haber conocido a alguien tan cercano a Dalai Lama. Un abrazo grande, Denisse (de la fundación maitenes :) )
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    2012-08-28 19:02:16 Pedro says: Ok, no te preocupes Manuel, todo arreglado. era Patty, yo Viajo manana a Nepal
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    2012-08-28 15:49:14 Beatriz Delgado Fonfach says: Wuuauu. Ese encuentro no fue casual. Sin duda, ya cuentan con las más altas y especiales bendiciones budistas! Cariños
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    2012-08-28 14:32:17 Matias says: Fuerza maigos, que sea una gran experiemcia para todos!!
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    2012-08-28 14:21:46 Manuel says: Did pedro say this, or did Patty?. Saludos anyway, have the best of times. my regards to pedro and the crew (all three of them).

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