Breaking the Cycle Yukon

Apr 08

'Good Hair Day' update

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Back in warmer grounds in Whitehorse I?m pleased to report the successful completion of Kate?s latest arctic fatbike expedition. All my cameras worked well even at temperatures below -30C and I managed to capture many tough moments of Kate?s training. Fortunately I had no issues with frost bites and now I?m even hairier than 3 weeks ago.

A big THANK YOU to all sponsors of Kate and to Bob and Theresa Daffe for their logistical support and guidance.

Whitehorse / Yukon
  • Name: Whitehorse / Yukon
  • Höhe: 0 m
  • Breitengrad: 60° 4227North
  • Längengrad: 135° 145West


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    2017-04-10 23:21:53 Lucille Christini says: Congrats, Kate, and team. I'm Steve's Mom and the whole Christini family has been routing for you. Like everyone else, we are in awe of your accomplishments. Best wishes!
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    2017-04-10 05:38:14 Dick Friend says: I'm sure many like me are left speechless...
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    2017-04-09 01:18:35 Rob says: Awesome photos Claudio Great work Kate
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    2017-04-08 03:39:02 Derrick says: Fantastic pics Claudio! Love the shot coming into Tuk.
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    2017-04-08 01:46:23 Mick Gardiner says: Well done mate ! Photos are great , I wondered how the batteries would have coped and a snow mobile must be a lot different to a BM !
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    2017-04-08 01:25:49 Al says: Your "after" shot looks pretty wild!

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