South Pole via Kansas Glacier

Dez 05

in antarctica

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We are at Union Glacier Camp in Antarctica, the base operated by Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions. The weather here is spectacular, around -10c, and the surrounding mountains stand starkly against the blue sky.

The word yesterday was that we will fly to the Ross Ice Shelf and the start point of our expedition this morning, just waiting on the latest weather information.

I hope our next update is from a tent at the foot of the Transantarctic mountains.


  • Name: Union glacier
  • Höhe: 700 m
  • Breitengrad: 79° 4537South
  • Längengrad: 82° 5057West


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    2017-12-05 13:12:21 Keith Tuffley says: OMG how exciting! Enjoy that wonderful flight over the mountains. Can't wait to see the photo of the plane leaving you alone on the Ross Ice Shelf.

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