South Pole via Kansas Glacier

Dez 12

approaching the exit

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The mountains continue to sparkle around us. Kirby Cone is ridiculously perfect, it might be a remnant volcanic plug so conical is its profile from every angle. Oh to stand on its summit. I think we?d struggle to fit our team on its tiny pinnacle.

Ming flew the drone today and I?m sure the 5 minutes of footage alone justifies its 2.3kg in weight.

Long climbs and soft snow left us pretty ragged by days end but the blue and windless sky, and a 16.2km trail down to Camp 6 give us little to complain about.

Up ahead we see the crux of our ascent up the Kansas. A steep traverse threads a needle between two ice falls and takes us onto the plateau where we make a left turn towards the South Pole. Tomorrow we will perch ourselves at the foot of the climb to give us a full day to ascend.

Jade is doing extraordinarily well. She carries all of her own food, personal stuff, her glacier travel gear and a tin of fuel and keeps a steady pace. Dealing with the cold up above will be the big test but so far she?s a star.

Moroccan Lamb again, my fave.


Pics of our view back down the glacier towards the Wisconsin Range, Ming skiing ahead and Jade and Paul slogging past Kirby Cone.

  • Name: Camp 7
  • Höhe: 1668 m
  • Breitengrad: 85° 5312South
  • Längengrad: 136° 583West


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    2018-02-16 10:51:38 says: Winter is a magical season It is a period when the dreams come true... Thanks for the inspiring publication.
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    2017-12-12 12:43:44 Ben logan says: Brilliant
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    2017-12-12 10:10:49 Keith Tuffley says: Mate - what are the conditions like for the fat bike??
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    2017-12-12 08:03:20 Lorenz says: GREAT Trip!! which Type/model of drone do You use? no problem with the temperature for the drone?
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    2017-12-12 07:00:19 Michael O’Neill says: Looks awesome

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