South Pole via Kansas Glacier

Dez 13

white wall

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Although temps are topping out in the upper minus teens, with no wind we skied in thermals and sometimes bare hands.

A short day of just over 10km took us to the base of the steep climb ahead onto the plateau (we now refer to it as the wall!) and gave us a well-earned few hours rest. A long warm lunch followed by a leisurely camp setup and some philosophical discussions about what it is to be Australian took us away from our tight routine, a welcome change after our first week of expedition life.

Thanks for your messages, we are receiving them. I hear that Australia has legalised same-sex marriage - long time coming but better late than never. And my dad had a spider crawl in his ear and had it removed in hospital. Hanging out on the web too much dad! Thanks also to all those visiting the blog, over 2000 so far. And for the positive comments on my words and photos.

And while I?m on the Australia theme, I think that ours will be the first all-Australian new route to the South Pole. To clarify, we started close to the same start as my new route last year (Australian/British) and covered the same early ground up the Reedy Glacier but our ski up the Kansas Glacier is what I am broadly referring to as a new route. Once we hit the plateau we then head south and will unavoidably cross the Leverett Ice Road a couple of times. Our intention is not to use it and ski at least a km to the east. The ice road is commonly used by ski teams, including no less than three teams this year, all negating their status as unassisted expeditions. We have no intention of using it but it is a convenient fallback if we are severely behind schedule.

Tomorrow we climb the white wall.

Today my pics are converted to black and white to bring out the contrast in Antarctica?s dynamic range. 1. Clouds over Kansas. 2. Rest in front of Alaska Canyon 3. A panorama of (L to R) Phleger Dome, an unnamed peak, Mount Doumani Kirby Cone and Michigan Plateau. 4. The white wall from my tent.


  • Name: Camp 8
  • Höhe: 1770 m
  • Breitengrad: 85° 5729South
  • Längengrad: 137° 5213West


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    2017-12-13 19:19:30 Eden Maxwell says: Awesome, Eric
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    2017-12-13 12:17:38 Grandy ❤️ says: Following your trek with great interest. We have enlightened our fellow Indian travellers and they are now following your expedition. Look forward to your posts Eric and this amazing trek. Stay safe Jade and Paul and team
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    2017-12-13 11:23:58 Papa Boz says: Great to see you are making good progress. We are following every step. Very proud of Jade, Paul and the team. Every day is another day closer to the record. Go Jade
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    2017-12-13 10:40:58 Kate Watts says: Incredible photos Eric. It’s like you’re on another planet down there. 37 degrees in Melbourne today - I wish we could and some heat to you to warm up!
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    2017-12-13 08:23:26 Keith Tuffley says: Very arty pics Eric ... feeling creative today?! :-) Love them, the B&W brings out the contrasts very nicely. Go the Aussies.
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    2017-12-13 05:47:33 Chris and Sharen Willing says: Thank you so much for sharing your story and photos Eric they are amazing. Not sure if you know but we had to come back to Tassie in November. Chris mum became very ill and passed away on the 4th December.

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