South Pole via Kansas Glacier

Dez 14

White wall begone!

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White wall begone!

We couldn?t have asked for better conditions to tackle the ?wall?. Blue sky and windless.

Unable to ski directly up the slope because of steepness and flanking crevasses, we tacked back and forth until we reached the top of the first rise. Backbreaking work with our still heavy sleds but so rewarding as we watched Kansas? white blanket recede below us. And with it came a distinct drop in temperature. Having climbed a total of almost 600m, with a lapse rate of around 1 degree C for every 150m elevation gain, the temperature differential between this camp and last is 4C, sitting now around -21C.

During the final session, as if to welcome us to the plateau, the wind came up and drift snow swirled around our skis. We finished the day with mitts, face masks and goggles. We also finished the day having made the first ascent of the wonderful glacier below us.

Our 7 hours of toil gave us 11km of distance and we now lie 443km from the South Pole as the skua flies.

My music playlist today was 100% Jani Ho, a renowned Melbourne electronic jazz artist and co-designer/machinist of many of Icetrek Equipment?s fabric and webbing products. Thanks Jani, always a treat.

Orange belly button fluff today, compliments of my Smitten Merino thermal top. Lush!

Pics today:
1. Jade and Paul on the first rise
2. Jade makes it onto the plateau
3. Heath cutting snow blocks for melting
4. Our route from Start to Camp 9
5. Ming logging todays film and Heath tinkering with his ski bindings.


  • Name: Camp 9
  • Höhe: 2353 m
  • Breitengrad: 86° 157South
  • Längengrad: 138° 4826West


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    2017-12-14 08:20:50 Mike Ihlein says: Agree with Keith - well done Australia! Great pictures and great coverage of your progress. You should all be very proud so far. In excess of 40 degrees in parts of Sydney today and so your minus 21 seems so far away! Reminds me of our trip to South Pole just one year ago when it was minus 35. Stay safe and enjoy!
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    2017-12-14 07:36:46 Keith Tuffley says: Congratulations Team Australia .. and especially Jade. Amazing to think you are the first humans to ascend the Kansas Glacier. Great photo of your map. ps IKEA really should be sponsoring you!
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    2017-12-14 06:47:53 Kate Watts says: So good to see your progress. Keep up the great work.

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