South Pole via Kansas Glacier

Dez 21

Heading tiwards half way

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Heath MacGyver was up until 11.30pm last night hacking away at the 12v Goal Zero solar panel, needed to charge Ming?s camera batteries. The fixed cable delivering power to the battery had fatigued a week ago and needed careful rewiring. The result, a Frankensteinesque creation but a full battery today!

For our 5v needs, we use Anker panels and batteries which have so far been faultless.

Just before lunch a thick bank of cloud scuttled our blue day making route finding difficult through the ever-increasing sastrugi. Campsites are becoming challenging to find so thick is the surface with icy protuberances. We are now above 87 degrees south and approaching the worst of it.

We pulled up stumps at 5pm, giving ourselves an early minute from a hard day on the ice. 17.1km of trail winds back to our previous camp and more than 100km of sastrugi remains ahead before we can enjoy flat hauling again.

256.8km covered, 328.2km to go.

1. Passing some big sastrugi
2. Ming filming


  • Name: Camp 16
  • Höhe: 2591 m
  • Breitengrad: 87° 257South
  • Längengrad: 136° 134West


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    2017-12-22 04:41:03 Monica johansson says: Proud of gorgeous courageous Jade. Also my dear friend Ming. Wow it’s a tough run, been following Jades Instagram. Keep up on top. Xmas presents are waiting for you Mingo & a big warm bowl of laksa x
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    2017-12-21 15:31:13 says: Great photo's of your map So good tot see them Stay safe and enjoy Eric and team, good luck, Willy
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    2017-12-21 10:09:12 Steph McNamara says: Loving the updates and the pics! Keep the batteries charged :)

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