South Pole via Kansas Glacier

Dez 23


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A brief update as I have much to do on this night. Paul broke his ski pole which needs repairing and Jade?s goggles need a nose piece added. Our Julbo goggles are superb, the Aerospace model a real breakthrough for polar expeditioners as the lens can be pivoted away from the frame to allow airflow to prevent fogging/icing, a curse for any skier in these regions.

The wind increased throughout the day, hardening the surface to almost verglas in places, but bringing with it blowing drift, uncomfortable breaks and now, a blizzard. If this continues we will be tentbound tomorrow, not an unwelcome event.

Today we covered 14.6km, OK considering the conditions but we need to pick up in the coming weeks.

1. Jade pulling in to a break
2. Jade downing some noodles for lunch
3. A surreal portrait of Jade, a reflection of our day.


  • Name: Camp 18
  • Höhe: 2643 m
  • Breitengrad: 87° 1848South
  • Längengrad: 136° 3456West


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    2017-12-23 18:54:40 says: Oh dear Eric, sprak ik maar goed Engels, ik zou je elke dag met 3 alinea''s aan antwoorden verrassen. Lieve groeten en sterkte voor jou en je team xxx willy
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    2017-12-23 18:46:20 says: Hi Eric & Take care every one and enjoy Christmas Eve tomorrow - all the best, greetings from Willy/ Holland
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    2017-12-23 07:06:00 Monica Johansson says: It’s hard to imagine as we sit here in 30 degrees, and feeling stressed because coles has run out of strawberries for our Xmas Pavlova. Makes you truly put things into perspective. Love and admiration to all of you xx
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    2017-12-23 07:01:28 Mike Ihlein says: Sounds like a tough day overall and hence I am full of admiration of the whole team! I also like the equipment commentary Eric to understand what works well. Take care everyone and enjoy Christmas Eve tomorrow - happy Christmas from Sydney! All the best. Mike

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