South Pole via Kansas Glacier

Dez 24


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We were all quietly thankful for the blizzard that continued to develop overnight. Rest days are a luxury that you cannot imagine on a polar expedition where everything non-routine - sleep in, eating randomly, lunch indoors, entertainment, crapping on demand, snoozing - is like a life?s reward.

My entertainment this trip includes a WW2 era mini-series called ?The Halcyon?; three seasons of ?Perception?, a US crime series a la House/Sherlock; my vast music bank; my now-defunct Deezer collection (have been offline too long!); the evergreen podcast Skeptics Guide to the Universe and ?The Gene. An Intimate History? and ?A Walk on the Deep Side? on my Kindle.

The blizzard has now passed and tomorrow we battle the sastrugi again. We have it?s company until around 88 degrees, judging by my records from last year?s expedition. That?s another 4-5 days or so. Our slow ascent onto the loftier flank of Titan Dome gets us out of the wind zone and into blissfully flat terrain where we should pick up good daily distances again. Then it?s a long and imperceptible descent to Pole.

Christmas looms. Now where do I put that tree?


1. Our camp mid-blizz
2. Our drying line of handwear, headwear, boot liners, socks, sat modem, camera, goggles, reading glasses...


  • Name: Camp 19
  • Höhe: 2643 m
  • Breitengrad: 87° 1848South
  • Längengrad: 136° 3456West


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    2017-12-25 07:16:16 Anne Barnes says: That's what you call a white Xmas. Stay safe all and Merry Xmas. Glad to hear you enjoyed your "rest day"
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    2017-12-24 12:01:36 The McCarts says: ‘‘Twas the night before Christmas....we hope you are all snuggled up in your tents this Christmas Eve with a fine clear day to greet you on Christmas morning when you emerge from your tents. Heath - thinking of you here in Brisbane. Love the McCarts
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    2017-12-24 10:11:35 Tom Smit says: Enjoying all the fantastic pics en stories! Still wondering why Musk wants to go to Mars when you live on such a beautiful planet. We should conserve it and not destroy it in the way we are! Good luck on this great journey! Merry X-mas!
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    2017-12-24 09:04:34 Keith Tuffley says: Ah how I miss those Rest Days! Much easier that taking care of 4 kids at Xmas ...
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    2017-12-24 08:49:08 says: Hi Eric and team, great to hear you guys. Have a with Christmas. Stay safe. Love and Peace from Willy
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    2017-12-24 08:44:46 ross wilson says: too cold for me but have a great xmas. Stay safe
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    2017-12-24 06:35:39 says: Have a great Christmas down there Eric. We are following your adventures as usual. Great to read on a hot MERRIJIG day. Cheers, Laurie and Louise.
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    2017-12-24 06:30:09 Andrew & Giuli says: Great to hear you guys enjoyed your rest day, we enjoy hearing of your adventures down there. Wishing you all a merry Christmas and hope that Heath gets more than a snotsicle for Xmas day! All the best and safe travels from Hobart!
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    2017-12-24 05:20:24 John K says: You don't fool me, Sastrugi are an Italian delicacy made from eggs, flour, Marsala and old hiking boots. I find that just one Sastrugus is more than enough for me.

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