South Pole via Kansas Glacier

Dez 25

Merry Xmas everyone

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After our rest day we were were keen to put in a good day and we did - 19.7km - despite heavy sastrugi at times. We also climbed some long slopes, one of them fast rock-hard ice with narrow crevasses.

The La Gorse Mountains continue to fade into the distance, tomorrow may be the last day we see them.

At lunch I pulled out our emergency Hilleberg single-skin tent and used it as a wind bivy for Jade and Paul. The result, the most comfortable break they?ve had since arriving on the plateau. It will be standard fare from now on.

Jade came up with a good plan - to cover 17km per day for 6 days then 20km per day for 10 days to get us to the Pole in 16 days, now 15. It matches the expected terrain - climbing through sastrugi onto Titan Dome?s smooth bonnet then cruise down to the pole. We will see if it pans out.

Thanks to everyone for the Xmas messages. Great to speak with my family in Tasmania, I was so excited to unwrap Susy?s little gift that I had been carrying all this time, even though Xmas for our team doesn?t arrive until tomorrow. But my heart goes out to my dad who is spending Xmas in hospital. Get well soon dad, sorry I can?t be there, with love and affection.

1. Heath hauling his and Ming?s sled over the fast ice as Ming films behind
2. Lunch bivy
3. Jade and Paul in the bivy


  • Name: Camp 20
  • Höhe: 2715 m
  • Breitengrad: 87° 2924South
  • Längengrad: 136° 2254West


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    2017-12-26 07:31:41 Lindsay Keegan says: Merry Christmas from the Sunny Coast!
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    2017-12-26 02:10:01 Suze Kelly says: Wishing you all a some Christmas treats and hope you can keep up the great progress! Love from the AC Team in NZ.
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    2017-12-25 20:03:01 Eden Maxwell says: Merry Christmas to the intrepid trekkers.
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    2017-12-25 13:46:46 Keith Tuffley says: Merry Xmas to all of you - please pass on my best to Jade and Paul. Let them know that I am highly jealous of the lunchtime bivvy protection!!
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    2017-12-25 12:20:13 Mike Ihlein says: Happy Christmas from Sydney! Now is the time to think of loved ones that are far away but are very close to you in theirs and your thoughts. It is wonderful to follow your progress each day and I will have a drink to you all in front of our Xmas tree today. Take care. Enjoy your Xmas on the ice and stay safe. As the Polish say wesolich swiat!
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    2017-12-25 11:45:35 Monica johansson says: Mingo no more crevasses for you, is that clear buddy! Stay safe... Merry Xmas to the crew. Xx

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