South Pole via Kansas Glacier

Dez 29

Better days ahead

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Our fortunes seem to have changed a little. A blue dome sat over us the entire day and although we still had a bugging wind from the SE it wasn?t as strong as the last few days. The sastrugi too is moderating. All of this coincides with our proximity to the summit of Titan Dome and our crossing of the 88th parallel and into a less windy zone. We are at 2910m altitude and I suspect we might top 3000 in the coming days.

So far we have managed to stick to Jade?s schedule of 17km per day but after tomorrow we jump up to 20km. Together with the improved surface, lesser winds and eventual topping out of elevation, we might just be able to hold to it. But it will likely mean later finishes and less time for truly relaxing in the tent in the evenings. Cooking, filling thermoses, film logging, blogging, charging devices and batteries, tending to gear and bodies and squeezing in a read or some tele on the phone pretty much fills the time before getting a head on a pillow by 10pm.

1. Team at lunch
2. Paul at lunch
3. Ming and Heath de-icing before coming into the tent at the end of the day


  • Name: Camp 24
  • Höhe: 2910 m
  • Breitengrad: 88° 419South
  • Längengrad: 137° 3734West


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    2017-12-29 20:27:48 rusty says: wow lots of gear to pack and unpack every day , need a maid Heath
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    2017-12-29 08:18:31 says: Hik Eric & team, Great pics everyday. Snow man in Holland has gone. I think of you/ and your Dad. Best luck to you all and so Keith repeatedly says: all the best!!!

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