South Pole via Kansas Glacier

Jan 03

snow quake

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Finally. An entire day of low to no wind and mostly blue sky. The rejigging of sled weights worked a treat for the first couple of hours but Paul steadily deteriorated, trashed from yesterday?s haul and swollen toes on his right foot. We still managed a solid 17km.

While in the tent we experienced a startling phenomenon. I?ve heard them on many occasions but never from the tent and nothing like this. We could hear a deep rumble to the west approaching as fast as a jet. I knew immediately what it was but held my breath as it hurtled towards us. Within seconds the noise was upon us and I instinctively ducked, despite knowing the effect would be a slumping below us, while looking at the tent walls for fear it might be some violent wind event. The Doppler effect was intense, like that of a fighter jet flying through the tent and the rumble continued for some time to the east. It was a snow quake like no other. From my understanding these are caused when a hoar frost develops just below the surface, likely due to temperature change though I suspect the recent winds may also have had some contributing effect. A trigger can make the upper layer slump through the frost and with boundless acres of this structure the result is like a horizontal avalanche.

Tomorrow we cross the 89th parallel.

1. Selfie
2. The team heading south


  • Name: Camp 29
  • Höhe: 2922 m
  • Breitengrad: 88° 527South
  • Längengrad: 137° 2459West


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    2018-01-03 19:11:20 says: Hi Eric, today no message from the Pole? Do you have an off-day? Goes all still good? Ik really hope so. Greetings from me too you and team. Xxx
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    2018-01-03 11:06:49 Doug Stoup says: I have had woomfing (snow quake) while skiing many times the entire surface drops and can go for miles! Scary but nature is very powerful and am humbled by this occurance!
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    2018-01-03 10:43:09 Issy says: Wow- just reading that was so intense, can only imagine what it would have actually been like! Safe travels, you're doing great xx
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    2018-01-03 06:29:42 Kim Gale says: well done, much easier to ride a cafe racer

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