South Pole via Kansas Glacier

Jan 08


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It would be asking too much to have two consecutive days of sunshine, so I never asked and it never came. Instead a heavy ceiling of cloud obliterated all but our intention to ski another 17km. Around midday our shadows returned momentarily before fading into the ice again.

Navigation was reduced to aiming for different hues in the murky cloud and checking the bearing from time to time. Even the wind deserted us. But the concentration required to keep a good line made the day fly by and before we knew it we were pitching tents again.

Tomorrow will be our final day of 17km. The next day we ski 15km to a designated waypoint and camp there until we get the all clear to proceed to the Pole.

Pics of our team throughout the day, in black and white


  • Name: Camp 34
  • Höhe: 2835 m
  • Breitengrad: 89° 3825South
  • Längengrad: 137° 645West


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