Svalbard Expedition 2018

Mr 26


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We woke to our camp surrounded by fog but down in the valley we could just make out the glacier spilling towards a valley wall that forced it hard right into Sassen valley. It was a good opportunity for Matt and Ant to get stuck into some GPS and compass navigation.

Almost straight out of camp we rode our sleds toboggan-style down a steep slope, Jonathan showing the way with a confident launch into what looked like oblivion but in reality was a short drop to a dip below. But it set a precent for the day as we bombed down 4 or 5 slopes, smiling broadly at the bottom of every descent. The last was an epic descent down the right hand bend towards Sassendalen.

Everything appears monochrome in this low light, stark yet epic, like an old black and white western. On the lower Rabot we saw not cowboys on steeds but riders on snowmobiles.

We’re now camped next to the terminal moraine of Rabotbreen and will enter the beautiful and broad mountain-lined Sassendalen tomorrow.

1. Skiing in flat light on the glacier
2. Ilse on board her toboggan
3. Descending Rabotbreen
4. Heading towards the terminal moraine
5. Camp 5


  • Name: Camp 5
  • Höhe: 31 m
  • Breitengrad: 78° 1620North
  • Längengrad: 17° 5645East


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