South Pole via Kansas Glacier

Nov 27

Countdown to South Pole via Kansas Glacier

Published at 01:14
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Hi everyone

Welcome to the blog of our upcoming expedition - South Pole via Kansas Glacier.

Starting from the Ross Ice Shelf we will pioneer another new route up the Kansas Glacier onto the Stanford Plateau then across the giant Antarctic Plateau to the South Pole. All without assistance or resupply. The attached map and aerial photographs from the 1960?s give a small indication of what we?re up for.

Join 16yo schoolgirl Jade Hameister, her dad Paul, cameraman Ming DArcy (filming for National Geographic), camera assistant Heath Jamieson and me as we ski and film our way across 600+km to the bottom of the Earth.

Starting December 4, you?ll find daily text, image and map updates at a few locations; Icetrek, Expenews or on Facebook .

Once under way, our team can receive your messages sent via the 'Send a Message to the Team? function but any comments wont be read by us until we get back.

I hope you enjoy the trip as much as we love being on the ice.

Eric Philips


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    2017-12-05 12:52:59 says: Stay safe, good luck Eric & team xxx
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    2017-12-04 16:02:15 Lorenz says: Have a great and safe trip!!!!!
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    2017-12-04 07:10:30 David & Greer says: Will be following your trip closely, good luck and safe journey to all
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    2017-11-28 03:40:31 Billand Molly says: Hope ll involved have a safe and enjoyable experience. Will be looking for updates. Safe travelling Heath.xxxxx
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    2017-11-28 00:08:46 dad says: I wish every expeditioner internal and external fortitude to keep at it.Southpole is waiting for you. Good luck
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    2017-11-27 23:43:32 Warren says: Have a safe trip!
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    2017-11-27 23:24:03 Ed Suttie says: Looking forward to following this epic trip, good luck team!
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    2017-11-27 10:32:36 Tom Smit says: Best of luck to you all!
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    2017-11-27 07:49:00 Tudor says: Have a great trip Eric, look forward to reading your updates.

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