South Pole via Kansas Glacier

Dec 15

Harrying headwind

Published at 06:10
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We woke to a headwind and spindrift and a tough day could only but lay in store. With the temperature around -20c and winds gusting at 25 knots we skied rugged up in down puffer jackets, shorts and skirt over our usual thermals and shell, goggles, face mask, polar mittens etc. The fur ruffs on the rims of our shell hoods were in full use today. They are a necessity on a trip such as this, providing protection by cutting the wind and creating a microclimate around the face. Mine is a combination of wolf, sporting long guard hairs for wind-breaking, and wolverine, a darker pelt that resists ice accretion.

Jade showed her mettle today, coping with the conditions well, and so too Ming our cameraman who has never skied in this kind of environment before. But he does know the Antarctic plateau, we worked together supporting and filming Pat Farmer in 2012 on his run from Union Glacier to South Pole. That time we had the luxury of a snowmobile and vehicle. Paul did well too. Down on the glacier he was often in thermals and light gloves, now he?s sporting a new look with his puffer and shorts. As for Heath, with South Pole, North Pole and Greenland trips already under his belt he?s looking right at home.

After 7 hours of skiing and 15.2 km behind us we quickly set up camp and crawled into our tents to escape the wind. Everything - face masks, buffs, inner boots, mittens etc must be de-iced and dried in preparation for tomorrow; similar conditions are forecast.

Just a selfie today as my new Sony RX100 died after an hour in the cold. Tomorrow I swap to my Lumix FT6 which I have used down to -44C.


  • Name: Camp 10
  • Elevation: 2508 m
  • Latitude: 86° 840South
  • Longitude: 137° 3921West


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    2017-12-16 02:56:38 says: Willy calls you Iceman and wishes you and team a good trip and warm greetings
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    2017-12-15 08:35:46 says: Hi Eric, ijsman! Xxx
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    2017-12-15 08:34:43 says: Een voorspoedige reis, Eric en team Warme. groeten van Willy xxx

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