South Pole via Kansas Glacier

Dec 17

relentless wind

Published at 04:07
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With the wind even stronger today and a still air temperature of -25c we were all a bit on the edge. Toilet breaks for Jade are difficult to say the least, even sheltering behind her sled, and by the time it comes to eating and drinking her hands have little in reserve.

To minimise exposure to our fingers, the area most prone to debilitating frostbite, we employ a number of strategies. Food bags are pre-prepared in the tent, cups are primed with noodles, butter and cheese, we ski with liner mitts under our polar mittens and the polar mitts have a grab loop so that hands slide easily into them. All of our zippers have cord extensions on them and multiple zip sliders on the sled cover allow easy access to changes of hand wear or other accessories. Our Hilleberg tents are adapted so that every buckle has both a tension cord and release cord added. Ultimately if something can?t be operated at home only using fists or knuckles then it ain?t gonna work at 25 below.

We called it quits at lunch having covered 9.6km. The wind still batters the tent and the sun today has no effect in warming our little shelters. It?s just an outright bitter day and with no spare stove fuel for heating the tent it?s into our cosy Mont sleeping bags for hard-earned and long overdue rest.

1. Paul skiing
2. Jade skiing with Heath behind
3. Team approaches a rest break


  • Name: Camp 12
  • Elevation: 2449 m
  • Latitude: 86° 2149South
  • Longitude: 136° 3542West


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    2017-12-17 21:39:22 Ben logan says: Well done guys !!!
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    2017-12-17 21:28:31 Eden Maxwell says: Felt the wind and cold right through the post.
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    2017-12-17 13:59:09 Keith Tuffley says: This feels like a very tough trip, with extremely brutal conditions. Best wishes to all of you, Eric.
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    2017-12-17 10:16:55 Carl Mason says: Makes good reading!!
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    2017-12-17 04:30:07 Kate Watts says: I’m hoping some warmer weather & no wind comes your way tomorrow guys. That’s tough going. Enjoy your well deserved rest. X Auntie Kate.

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