South Pole via Kansas Glacier

Dec 28

hell revisited

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Another diabolical day with, you got it, wind, cold, sastrugi, climbing. Jade had a very slow start and was a half hour behind after the first hour. A pep talk at the break had the desired effect and she steadily gained momentum to finish the day well, face festooned in icicles. We all weathered the day well, exhausted and battered but in good shape. We are now camped at a higher elevation than he South Pole and tomorrow we will pass the 88th parallel.

Some beautiful sastrugi and spectacular parhelia distracted us from the hardship, as does our daily nose bag with energy bars, cashews, almonds, dried apricots, peach and fig, crystallised ginger, chocolate and for lunch cheese, salami, crackers, butter and noodles with pre-mixed pesto or chilli. I always add my butter and cheese to the noodles for some stringy fatiness. Once in the tent it?s Pringles, instant soup then dinner, followed by a handful of goodies I?ve saved from my nose bag. Breakfast is my Brekkie Bomb, made of pre-mixed instant oats, powdered milk, desiccated coconut, protein powder and pecan meal. Coffee and choc drink round off the morning munchies. We not only survive on this 6000+calories per day diet, we thrive.

Here in the tent Heath is tending the stove, Ming is reading a time traveller story on his Kindle and I?m tapping away on my iPhone. The sun and wind are beating on the tent but only the sun is welcome inside.

1. Sastrugi or sea creature?
2. Parhelia
3. Ming at lunch
4. Jade with Antarctic makeup


  • Name: Camp 23
  • Elevation: 2854 m
  • Latitude: 87° 554South
  • Longitude: 137° 441West


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    2017-12-28 22:02:19 Keith Tuffley says: Damn brutal conditions Eric! ps I miss the Brekkie Bomb!
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    2017-12-28 09:56:00 Issy says: You're an inspiration Jade!!

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