South Pole via Kansas Glacier

Jan 04

Special poles

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Aside from early and late wind (nothing to do with last nights Apricot Chicken) we had an uneventful day on the ice. Our current regime is to ski 6 x 2.6km sessions with drink, snack and lunch breaks between, then finish with the remaining distance to our desired total, currently 17km. Another 6 days of 17km will get us to a mandatory waypoint on the outskirts of the South Pole station with a final 9km following the South Pole Overland Traverse road and edge of the runway to the ceremonial barbers pole. Twenty metres from this symbol is the actual pole marking 90 degrees, placed every year on January 1. And next to this pole is the sign commemorating the arrival of Roald Amundsen and his team on December 14, 1911 and over a month later, Captain Robert Scott and his team on January 17, 1912.

Symbolically the North and South Poles are very special places. Not only does our planet rotate around them but every line of longitude passing under the feet of every person on Earth begins and ends at a pole. The poles unify us, connect us. Since 1999 I?ve been to both poles combined over 25 times and each visit is unique, special and rewarding. This upcoming arrival will be as sweet as all those before, and I can?t wait to be there again. Everyone in this team has worked incredibly hard - Ming as the ever-present and good-spirited cameraman, Heath who not only assists Ming but watches out for him as well as everyone else, me included, Paul who is here as an inspiring father and an Adventure Grand Slammer and of course Jade, resilient, consistent and about to set a bunch of records for her expeditions to both poles and across Greenland. Yep, our arrival at the pole will be a very special thing.

Pic of our camp on the plateau. Jade?s head just popping into her tent.


  • Name: Camp 30
  • Elevation: 2907 m
  • Latitude: 89° 17South
  • Longitude: 135° 4958West


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    2018-01-05 06:39:49 Monica johansson says: Ming, always smiling... love this post so beautiful, all you guys are amazing incredible incredible people. What a moment that will be when you are all there. X
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    2018-01-04 11:15:57 says: Hi Eric, Love the Dispatches. I am following every day. All of you have put in a fantastic effort.The goal is now in sight! Brilliant. Mark.
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    2018-01-04 07:43:36 says: Team Jade, You're an inspiratie Jade, ad mirable. All the best from Holland

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