South Pole via Kansas Glacier

Jan 05

one month

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We?ve been on the ice for a month. We still have 9 days food and, at a pinch, 9 days fuel and likely have energy for another month. We are tiring and getting slower but that?s usual in the final days of a trip. Had this been a 2 month trip we would likely not be feeling this fatigue now, part of a natural preservation mechanism.

Wind sprang up overnight and, together with wide banks of cloud, made for a cold day. Our final break saw us festooned with facial ice and we laughed at the various snotsicles hanging from our neoprene face masks. Life without these masks would be very uncomfortable if not dangerous, a buff or balaclava can only provide so much protection. Even with a -25c ambient air temperature we can walk into a strong headwind all day, so long as we are carefully covered and we rest, eat and hydrate regularly.

Heath is tucking into a wild mushroom and lamb risotto, Ming is spoon deep in a Balti vegetable curry and Im devouring Moroccan pork with couscous. Shazam!

1. Jade and Ming in front of a parhelion
2. Our motley crew, from left, Paul, Heath, me, Jade and Ming


  • Name: Camp 31
  • Elevation: 2890 m
  • Latitude: 89° 1018South
  • Longitude: 134° 541West


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