South Pole via Kansas Glacier

Jan 09

elusive pole

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It was unusual to wake to a still tent, wind being our constant companion to date. After registering any buffeting on the tent I remove my eyeshades and look for sun. It?s rare on this trip to hit pay dirt - still and sunny - and our odds didn?t increase this morning. Within seconds I wake Paul and Jade in their neighbouring tent and light my stove. Heath does likewise, we have two stoves between three of us. Milo kicks off the day followed by brekkie bomb and topped with coffee.

Now that we are within the last degree we poo in wag bags, which are commercially available latrine bags that include a large bag with powdered desiccant for the business, a wad of toilet paper, a small ziplock to bundle the used big bag into and a moist (frozen) towelette. We have four each but will eventually spend 7 nights within 89 degrees and are reusing bags. Delightful!

We crept through the poor contrast until after lunch when a break in the cloud opened up and bathed us and the landscape in beautiful light. With the light came warmth, too much of it, and we stripped down to board shorts and sandals. Ok, not quite, but shell jackets were removed. I?d hoped that our tally of 17km would bring a room with a view, specks of the station on the horizon, but a cloud bank to the south kept it obscured. Obscured by Clouds. A shout out to the first person to name the band that had an album by that name.

1. Ming under spectacular light as the clouds opened
2. Paul pulling up to a rest break
3. Camp
4. Ming
5. Heath with a bag full of snow for the stove


  • Name: Camp 35
  • Elevation: 2834 m
  • Latitude: 89° 4735South
  • Longitude: 134° 4828West


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    2018-01-10 07:02:27 Monica Johansson says: Others have already mentioned Pink Floyd. I have to mention in over the 20 years I’ve known Ming I’ve never seen him look like a Yeti before... so happy your so close now xxx
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    2018-01-09 21:32:43 Eden Maxwell says: What a journey--the bottom of the world is your oyster.
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    2018-01-09 20:03:29 Rob Easther says: Hi Eric, I've been following each day while basking in a warm Tassie summer, and greatly enjoying your posts. Best wishes for the final run down, congratulations to all. Retro cuppa a must eh? Regards, Rob
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    2018-01-09 08:37:55 Mike Ihlein says: What an amazing adventure you have all had and a wonderful achievement! You will all soon to be able to have well deserved showers and you can drop the use of wag bags!! Well done so far Team Jade - not paying ng to go now! All the best. Mike
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    2018-01-09 07:49:53 Tracy Christopherson says: Checking your updates have become part of my nightly routine. I learned about Jade’s intention for the polar hat trick through Fred Olivier. Jade has a lot to be proud of. As do the rest of her support crew. Cheers from Alaska!
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    2018-01-09 06:39:29 Keith Tuffley says: I bet you're looking forward to the Union Glacier showers!
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    2018-01-09 06:18:44 Jen Conaghan says: I agree, get Heath to sing-he has a great voice!
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    2018-01-09 06:17:43 Jen Conaghan says: 'Pink Floyd' Congrats on the walk, great to read the updates.
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    2018-01-09 06:16:43 John Kolm says: Poop bags in the sunset. Can you hum the first few bars?
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    2018-01-09 06:07:18 Robert Cox says: Not long now guys!! Album is Pink Floyd. Eric you will have to get Heath to sing Stairway to heaven. He will tell you the joke!!

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