South Pole via Kansas Glacier

Jan 11

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It was a luxury not to wake to an alarm. We had arranged breakfast for 9.30am so sleep ins were the order of the day. As for breakfast - French toast, crumbled egg, bacon, fruit and yoghurt. Nom nom!

After lunch we went back to visit the actual geographical pole, the marker that denotes 90 South, where we captured the coordinate on our GPS. A bunch of photos and filming rounded off the visit but the highlight was Heath placing his tongue on the ball and leaving some DNA behind!

Tomorrow we fly back to Union Glacier in a Basler, the classic DC3 tail dragger aeroplane.

Hannah has helped us look into our claim to Jade being the first woman to ski a new route to the South Pole, unassisted, unsupported or otherwise, and it seems that there were others before her. There have of course been many women that have skied to the South Pole, a smaller number from the geographical coast to the pole, fewer have done it without support or assistance and it seems only two have previously skied unsupported and unassisted from the geographical coast via a previously unused route. As always my hat is tipped to all those that take a pioneering role in polar adventure and exploration.

Thanks to my sponsors Mont Equipment, Hilleberg the Tentmaker, Baffin Footwear, Smitten Merino, Satila of Sweden, Julbo Eyewear, Lum Tec Watches and G-Layer communications, to my local outdoor store Mountain Creek, and to Expenews for hosting this blog. And thanks to everyone for following this blog and for your comments and messages along the way.

In March and April Icetrek will again be guiding trips in Svalbard and to the North Pole. Meanwhile, many happy adventures to you all.



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    2018-02-20 11:13:02 says: a wonderful post, like when writing from the heart, you can immediately see that man and not some kind of robot
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    2018-01-13 14:40:40 says: Vervolg: continuïng? What an honor 16 year old. Bravo! Geweldig, Uitzonderlijk meisje. I wish all of you a safe return home. Dear greetings - also to Susy, Mardi, Jason and Kip. Xxx willy
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    2018-01-13 14:36:10 says: The last days. Easy breakfast with yoghurt and fruit (luxe). After lunch back to the right marking of your final destination where piles of photos and filming shows were waiting. Heath stunten his tongue on ice, brrr. Your return flight with DC3. And has Hannah been able to establish that Jade is really the first woman to have complete this route without help?
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    2018-01-13 06:39:23 Tim Medhurst says: Hi Eric et al, Well done. Loved being able to follow another of your adventures. Best regards..... Tim
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    2018-01-13 02:37:04 says: CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU ERIC. Your expeditions have always been in my heart since the Elsmere. I have followed them with great interest. At one stage they motivate me to do the Camino in Spain 800 kms in the Pyrénées in Spain at 69. I understand your enthousiam, Challenges and also the safety for calculating all risks. A very inspiring STORIES WITH ALL MY BEST SOUVENIRS ERIC GERARD GARBE
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    2018-01-13 02:30:59 says: You are the best Eric Still impressed by your adventures in the cold that make me doing the CAMINO IN Spain AT 69., 800 kms in the Pyrenees to saint Jacques de Compostelle. I can understand your motivations and Challenges and still your sayfety and the one of your Pals. CONGRATULATION TO YOU AGAIN AND WITH ALL MY BEST SOUVENIRS. GERARD GARBÉ
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    2018-01-12 15:55:21 Adam says: Thanks Eric for making a little bright spot in each of my days with your updates. It was an amazing mission you guys just completed. Hats off!!! But crumbled eggs? Did they come as some sort of powder that got boiled and dried and crumbled? I would have thought at the base they would have something more egg like no? :-) Finest regards,
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    2018-01-12 12:19:23 Joan says: Congratulations. And I enjoyed every posting and photos Eric.
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    2018-01-12 07:16:55 Mike Ihlein says: Congratulations to you all! It must be a fantastic sense of achievement! I cannot wait to see some film footage in due course once it is all put together. Enjoy now your little luxuries! Cheers from the Dolomites in Italy (minus 10 and beautiful sunshine). Mike
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    2018-01-12 06:22:26 Joseba Ferrando says: Congratulations Eric and Team. We have enjoyed following this marvelous trip through your posts. Have a good travel back.
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